Optimizing Images and Videos for Website Success


When it comes to nurturing a website with information, it’s crucial to consider the size, resolution, and format of images and videos that will be loaded into the product gallery. Ensuring that they display correctly in both mobile and computer view is also vital.

For images, it’s recommended to keep the following aspects in mind. The larger the image size, the heavier its weight, and the longer the page load time. Thus, it’s suggested to reduce image size so that it doesn’t negatively affect page loading speed. A resolution of 72 ppi is recommended for images that will be used on the web. JPEG is the preferred format for photographs, while PNG is better for graphics and logos.

For videos, the following aspects should be considered. Like images, the size of the video affects the page load time, so it’s best to reduce its size before uploading it to the page. MP4 is the most commonly used format on the web and is compatible with most browsers. A resolution of 720p or 1080p is suggested for videos that will be used on the web.

It’s important to optimize the weight and format of images and videos in addition to their dimension to ensure that they load correctly in both mobile and computer view.

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